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Cosmetic packaging manufacturing method beneficial to environmental protection

Cosmetic packaging manufacturing method beneficial to environmental protection

A recent McKinsey study indicates U.S. consumers anticipate spending less on skincare, makeup and other personal care items in the future than they used to. One way cosmetic brands can recapture consumers is by making positive changes when it comes to sustainability, and packaging is a key battleground for the fight against environmental waste. The cosmetics industry alone produces more than 120 billion units of packaging each year.

The top eco-packaging trends you can except to see in the beauty that will help drive positive change while building brand reputation and boosting profits are :  

1. Refill and Reuse

Single-use packaging could soon be a thing of the past, with more companies looking to invest in durable packaging materials that customers can refill and reuse. Brands are putting more time, effort and investment into creating primary packaging that can become keepsakes for customers – especially valuable in the luxury end of the cosmetics industry with higher price points. Earlier this year, Dove launched its first refillable deodorant. Made with 98% recycled plastic that has a lifetime use guarantee, the company estimates the product will help reduce virgin plastic waste by 30 tonnes in the first year alone. Consumers can also enjoy the benefits of lower price points for repeat purchasing refills, without having to pay for excess packaging nor do they need to fret over how best to dispose of used packaging.  

2.Reducing Plastic

Despite shifting attitudes around the globe, such as the EU ban on single-use plastic products, the U.S. continues to generate more plastic waste than any other nation. However, we’re starting to see changes in public attitudes towards plastic consumption and waste. This has pushed many companies to re-evaluate their packaging design and experiment with innovative new packaging materials. Products made from entirely compostable or recyclable packaging – even a recycled corrugate paper bottle shell that won’t decompose in the shower. Packaging designers can now choose from a wide range of plastic alternatives, including glass, card, pulp and even corn.  

The above two cosmetic packaging manufacturing methods are conducive to environmental protection.