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How to achieve the touch design in cosmetics packaging?

How to achieve the touch design in cosmetics packaging?

How to achieve the touch design in cosmetics packaging?

Today's cosmetics packaging design is no longer staying at the level of parcel products, and it is more to show the characteristics of the product to attract consumers to consume. For most consumers, the quality of the product can often be reflected through the outer packaging design. The more the design, the more the packaging can attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, the packaging design is mentioned in a very important position. Here The packaging design is not only the protection function, but also how to attract consumers to promote sales.

At the same time, the types of cosmetics and brands are increasing with this overwhelming advertisement, and relatively fierce competition competition is also increasing. Therefore, the visual communication design in the traditional sense not only stays in a single graphic or color, but has extended to more aspects, such as the touch design of the packaging. For the different uses of the same material and the same use of the same use of different materials, the different packaging information conveyed to associate people's sensory information with the design, so that the product has stronger recognition.

Tentile design background and future trends in cosmetics packaging

1. The background of touch design

Today, traditional visual communication design can no longer meet the increasingly prosperous cosmetics industry. The packaging design has also changed from traditional two -dimensional flat design to three -dimensional or even four -dimensional design. No longer sticking to graphics, color transformation, packaging designers turned their eyes to the touch design of the packaging. The tactile design of the packaging is based on the tactile experience, which integrates the participation of consumers into the design, so that consumers can feel a new type of design in the process of use. Touching design must have the participation of consumers, and design it according to the consumer's touch experience. Secondly, the object of the design must effectively stimulate and reflect the consumer's sense of touch. Therefore, the touch design can not only give people a visual aesthetics, but also bring consumers' psychological and physiological satisfaction and comfort.

2. Future trend of touch design

Nowadays, the general direction of cosmetics packaging design is: personalized customization, green environmental protection ecology, emotionalization, combining packaging and mobile devices, transparent packaging and simplification. Among them, emotionalization, personalization and technology are the big theme of this era. The future trend of the touch design in the packaging also revolves around these points:

2.1. Emotionalization

With the development of the times, all kinds of product packaging is constantly new, people's lives are gradually enriching, and they are tired of packaging packaging that only meets material functional needs, and starts to appreciate the packaging design that resonates with their emotional demands. Standing on the position of consumers, the principle of "human nature -oriented" has become one of the main goals of packaging designers. In the past, the form and color design of the outer packaging as the main factor affecting consumers' emotional psychology, but in fact The touch design of the packaging can bring more psychological influence and emotional satisfaction that consumers.

2.2. Personalization

In the era of everyone's pursuit of personality, the unchanged packaging sooner or later will be eliminated by the times. Traditional packaging is similar, but the transformation of patterns, colors and shapes. Different products are almost the same in the hands, and it is difficult to distinguish. In order to make the product packaging look different, the texture of the materials in the touch design can use the texture to create different feel and visual feelings to satisfy people's pursuit of personality.

2.3. Technology

The emergence of science and technology, the emergence of new materials and new technologies has greatly enriched the current form of cosmetics packaging. It is difficult for a single material to make different degrees of products. This requires a combination of multiple materials. Different packaging materials collide with each other to form a new fashion.

3. The application of touch design in cosmetics packaging

Due to the development of new materials and new technologies, the development of new materials can be divided into three categories, touch quality, visual touch, and psychological touch.

3.1. The sense of touch, 

that is, the direct feel, must be directly exposed to things to perceive, referring to the various sensory reactions caused by the contact of the human hands and skin sensory nerves when they are in contact with objects. A intuitive connection between people. In the past, when choosing packaging materials, the most considered the most of the packaging costs, visual beauty and other factors, and ignored the design form that the packaging was directly contacted by the user.

Generally speaking, the materials for cosmetics packaging largely determine the feel of cosmetics. Plastic light, soft silk, luxurious leather, good metal texture, etc. These are people's fixed awareness of packaging materials. Take lipstick packaging materials as an example. In the survey, most consumers think that lipstick packaging materials are plastic. In such inherent cognition, packaging designers can use the method of material transformation to make people as soon as possible for the first time. Feeling differences and attracting attention to the product. In addition, people feel far more impressed by the feeling of touching,

3.2. Visual touch, 

that is, attract attention through special shapes, special colors or graphics, etc., which reacts with the object to the object, thereby generating a certain perception of the object. As a visual enjoyment of cosmetics packaging, its visual characteristics and rich form can produce corresponding visual feelings to cause physiological and psychological reflections. Therefore While the teacher understands the characteristics of the material, he also pursues the beauty of the material itself. Visual aesthetics caused by different materials are also different. Different visual effects are caused by the characteristics of the material itself and its own language connotation. Reasonable introduction of visible touch information can help consumers' desire to buy goods and awareness.

3.3. Psychological touch, 

that is, causing rich inner activities through graphics, text, etc., and some emotional perceptions of objects. And more often, the packaging we see is to combine these touchs together for comprehensive use, and to convey the packaging concept more ideal. The so -called psychological touch is a special combination or application of some common visual elements (color, text, layout, etc.), which causes a special feeling of viewers. This special feeling is caused by psychological feelings. Psychological touch to a large extent depends on the touch of the touch, especially the visual touch. Unlike the two, the psychological touch is wider.

4. Summary

In the design of cosmetics packaging, the design of materials and texture to achieve a lot of results has been achieved, but most people's understanding of the touch of the touch stays in the authenticity of physiology. In fact, from the relationship between visual and psychological relationships From an angle, many are not real texture. We can use some unrealistic touch to create a different kind of interest to meet the emotional needs of consumers.