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The emotional experience of cosmetics packaging in different scenarios

The emotional experience of cosmetics packaging in different scenarios

The emotional experience of cosmetics packaging in different scenarios

Today, cosmetics have certain representativeness and symbolic significance. Paying attention to the design of emotional experience not only meets the growing needs of consumers, but also resonates with people's psychological resonance together through multiple sensory in various fields such as regions, culture, nations, and history.

For people with cosmetics, people are no longer satisfied with simple functional needs, but pay more attention to the resonance of emotions, spiritual pleasure, and self -display. The integration of emotional design in cosmetics packaging is the trend of social development.

The following are the emotional experience of cosmetics packaging in three application situations

(1) Daily life

Cosmetics are divided into skin care and makeup according to efficacy. In summary, skin care cosmetics is a better skin quality maintenance, protecting and improving the effect, while makeup cosmetics focus on the modification of color and texture, and it is an artistic method that enhances and beautify the characteristics of the appearance. Therefore, in the packaging design of skin care and make -up, it is necessary to pay more attention to the embodiment of the characteristics of the packaging on the product.

(2) Memorial meaning

Cosmetics packaging designed by elements such as festivals, anniversary, incidents, or anniversary of its own brand is the mainstream at home and abroad in recent years. With the penetration of the culture between countries, many Chinese and Western festivals do not distinguish between boundaries. It is also increasingly obvious.

(3) Conceptual innovation

Each change and innovation of cosmetics packaging is actually a change in the concept of life, which contains a creation of a consumer culture. Consumption is not just a simple way to possess goods, but also in the market is not just the product attributes. The consumer culture is more comprehensive manifestations of material consumption and spiritual consumption. Due to the influence and constraints of the living environment, value orientation, behavior habits, etc., in the process of consumption, it is more preferred by the trend of rich and satisfying self -feelings. Sometimes choosing a cosmetics is choosing one of them. lifestyle. Therefore, corporate brands will also pay more attention to the pursuit of beauty, taste, and personalization.