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  • How to express emotional factors in the packaging design of female cosmetics packaging?
How to express emotional factors in the packaging design of female cosmetics packaging?

How to express emotional factors in the packaging design of female cosmetics packaging?

How to express emotional factors in the packaging design of female cosmetics packaging?

With the prosperity and development of the cosmetics market, more and more women's cosmetics are on the market. In order to increase the sales of products, various cosmetics companies have conducted research on the packaging design of women's cosmetics, hoping to integrate emotional factors into the design, so as to match the It resonates with female consumers and increases product sales.

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty. In order to keep their appearance beautiful and youthful forever, women spend a lot of money on cosmetics, which plays a huge role in promoting the prosperity and development of the cosmetics market. In order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition, various brands have integrated emotional factors into the packaging of cosmetics to cater to the emotional needs of female consumers and thereby increase product sales.

Emotional expression in product packaging

1. Emotions expressed in words

Text is a common tool for emotional expression, and female cosmetics packaging design can express emotions well through text. Consumers can have the most intuitive understanding of the product through the text descriptions on cosmetics.

Currently, expressing emotions through words is one of the most common ways. In the text design process, it is necessary to combine women's consumption psychology of cosmetics and carry out targeted design. In the design of packaging, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of the brand and enhance the recognition of the product, so that consumers can choose among the many cosmetics. Quickly identify brand differences. Cosmetic packaging aimed at young female consumers can use Huakang Girl font, Meng font, Huakang Doll font, etc., which are preferred by most girls, to better communicate emotions and make the product feel affectionate and natural.

2. Emotions expressed by colors

The correct use of color can give people a strong visual impact, and can quickly and directly attract consumers and guide them to make purchases. Color is the key point that every product designer should consider, and the later promotion and application of the product are also inseparable from the help of color factors. Each color represents a different emotion, and the brand positioning can be expressed correctly through color selection. For example, red represents enthusiasm, yellow represents liveliness, and blue represents coolness. For the packaging design of summer cosmetics, you can use blue and green to give people a cool feeling; for winter cosmetics, you can use yellow and red to give people a warm feeling. According to the actual function and product positioning of cosmetics, carry out reasonable color matching of outer packaging to achieve emotional resonance with consumers.

3. Use of emotional factors expression

Designers of female cosmetics packaging can use emotional factors to make the product accepted by more consumers. Through personal experience, they can develop a good impression of the product, thereby further generating a desire to understand and purchase.

The application of packaging aesthetics Female consumers buy cosmetics for the pursuit of beauty. Usually, the aesthetics of product packaging will resonate with consumers’ love for beauty. The application of product packaging aesthetics is based on the aesthetic standards of the consumer group, so that female consumers will have a good impression of the product packaging during the product selection process, thereby creating a desire to purchase the product. In the outer packaging of cosmetics, beauty is usually used to impress female consumers and better demonstrate the advantages of the product to consumers, making them full of imagination about the product, thereby increasing the purchasing power of the female population.

The application of humor in packaging Humor is also widely used in the packaging of female cosmetics, especially for some young target groups. On the outer packaging of the product, humorous pictures and humorous characters are used to create a visual enjoyment that is different from the common phenomenon, making the visual image more funny and interesting, giving people a relaxed emotional experience, and attracting more consumers Make a purchase. The use of humor in packaging can relieve people's tense pace of life, forget their worries and enjoy happiness, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing product sales.

The application of intimacy in packaging is aimed at newly launched products. The intimacy design method can be used to shorten the distance with consumers, thereby achieving marketing purposes. Female friends have delicate and sensitive emotions. Therefore, on the one hand, in the packaging of female products, some images and text elements that female consumers like can be added to make them resonate with consumers; on the other hand, the packaging design of the product can be Add elements of family, friendship, and love to shorten the distance between the product and female consumers, thereby better interpreting the packaging design and making female consumers want to buy.

4 Conclusion

Integrating emotional factors into women's cosmetics packaging can meet modern people's emotional needs. Designers communicate with consumers through packaging and can achieve good sales results. Injecting emotional factors into female cosmetics packaging is an inevitable trend for products to develop towards humanization. At the same time, it is also a huge challenge for product packaging designers. Product packaging uses emotional expression to help people recognize the product, thereby increasing product sales.