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How much do you know about PET plastic packaging bottles?

How much do you know about PET plastic packaging bottles?

How much do you know about PET plastic packaging bottles?

Summary of key information about PET plastic packaging bottles:

1. All plastics are extracted from petroleum.

2. All plastic products have different colors, and the technical core of plastic products is to modulate different colors.

3. The materials of plastic packaging bottles can generally be divided into PP, PE, PET, HDPE, and acrylic.

4. The production process of PET bottles produced in one step: polyester raw materials; drying; plasticization; tube blank injection molding; temperature adjustment; stretch blow molding; demolding; inspection; finished products.

5. The cost of plastic products: plastic weight + mold cost + auxiliary material electricity fee + labor cost.

6. The thread mouth refers to the size of the part with teeth at the bottle mouth. The most commonly used threads are: 18 teeth, 20 teeth, 24 teeth, 28 teeth, 32 teeth, and wide mouths have 47 teeth, 53 teeth, 68 teeth, and 89 teeth. The thread mouth mentioned by the manufacturer is about 0.3-0.5mm larger than the actual measured diameter.

7. You can tell whether it is PET by smelling it. Burn it with a lighter. Pure PET plastic will emit a very fragrant smell. If PET plastic contains other ingredients, the smell will be very pungent.

8. Common forms of PET packaging bottle printing technology include: silk screen printing, labeling, laser engraving, laser engraving, hot stamping, etc.

9. If you use the manufacturer's existing public mold, the price will be lower. If you open the mold independently, you will have to pay the mold opening fee.