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The influence of purchase motivation on modern cosmetics packaging design

The influence of purchase motivation on modern cosmetics packaging design

The influence of purchase motivation on modern cosmetics packaging design

I. Introduction

Under today's increasingly materially abundant social conditions, people have begun to have more and more sophisticated requirements for life. In modern society, not only women need cosmetics, but men also need them. Therefore, more and more businesses are beginning to design and develop new products for modern cosmetics series. Faced with the emergence of more and more similar skin care products, what can be distinguished is not only the brand and quality, but also the most important thing is the packaging of the product. A good cosmetics not only meets the needs of the product, but more importantly, satisfies the psychological needs of consumers. Therefore, the development of modern cosmetics is becoming more and more huge, and the competition among various merchants is becoming increasingly fierce. For these reasons, various businesses can only rely on their own different consumption methods to attract consumers' attention. Therefore, packaging design has a great impact on products in today's society. A good modern cosmetics packaging design also reflects the value and grade of the product. The packaging design of modern cosmetics must meet some basic requirements, such as reusability of packaging, environmental protection of packaging, etc.

2. Consumer purchasing motivations

1. Color

The packaging of a modern cosmetic that can arouse consumers' desire to buy needs to deepen people's impression through the text, pictures, colors and shapes of the product. Different products need to be packaged with different elements. For example, when packaging lipstick in a modern design, the main color of the packaging should be the color of the lipstick itself. This can both convey information and attract consumers' attention. Among men and women The most obvious difference in the packaging of cosmetics is the color. Most men's cosmetics are packaged in dark colors, while the packaging of women's cosmetics is mostly decorated with very bright colors. Because color has the strongest impact on product packaging, the colors used in product packaging will bring temptation to consumers. Therefore, the use of color is both a subjective and objective influence of people.

2. Shape

Like the use of color, the shape of the packaging also attracts consumers' attention and desire to buy. A unique shape will also be very eye-catching among the dazzling products. The unique shape will attract people's attention. Attention is a characteristic of people's cognitive process, and it is people's direction and concentration on the things they know. Research on the packaging of modern cosmetics shows that visual stimulation can deepen people's impression of things and attract people's attention. Therefore, the unique packaging shape of cosmetics attracts buyers' purchasing motivation.

3. Packaging material

The material of the packaging also plays a very important element in the packaging design of cosmetics. Material can very clearly reflect the value level of a product and can also distinguish different types of goods. Nowadays, cosmetic products in glass bottles are common on the market. Glass has heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, excellent barrier properties, can be manufactured into various shapes and sizes of vessels, and is recyclable. Therefore, glass has a high appearance rate in cosmetic packaging, and there is also the rise of metal packaging, etc.

3. The influence of consumers’ purchasing behavior on modern cosmetics packaging design

Some consumers will buy products because they like them temporarily. The packaging design of modern skin care products plays a large role in this emotional consumer group. This type of consumer group will promote the design of modern skin care product packaging to become more perfect and novel. In order to increase profits, companies must continue to produce new products and use new modern skin care product packaging to attract consumers' attention. This is why the packaging design of modern cosmetics has attracted more and more people's attention in recent years. Moreover, it is now popular to give cosmetics as gifts. Considering this, many manufacturers will make the packaging of cosmetics more and more exquisite and gorgeous, so that consumers can take a fancy to the packaging of this product and buy it at a glance.

4. Consumer purchasing motivations on the development of modern cosmetic packaging

1. Humanization

One of the packaging designs that best embodies modern cosmetics is humanization, because there are many cosmetic products that people need to carry around. If the cosmetics are scattered all over the body due to insufficient packaging, it will be a very annoying thing. A headache. Therefore, after considering these reasons, merchants have made many changes in packaging. Perhaps these small changes will not be noticed by people at ordinary times. But it is precisely because of these humanized improvements that modern cosmetic packaging has become increasingly perfect. For example, current lip gloss is water-like. If the cap is not tightened, leakage will easily occur no matter where it is placed. And the current lip gloss packaging will have a piece of plastic film blocked at the exit and a card holder in the middle. opening, this piece of plastic film not only does not affect normal use, but also blocks the lip gloss inside when the lid is not tightly closed, so that the lip gloss will not flow out and other thoughtful designs, which all reflect the humanization of the design. .

2. Environmental protection

Regarding the environmental protection of packaging, since most packaging only has some basic functions such as aesthetics and conveying information, a very attractive feature to consumers is ignored, which is the environmental protection of packaging. For example, some representatives of modern cosmetic packaging design, such as cotton pads, are now packaged in a plastic box, and this box can be used to store some small items after the cotton pads are used up. These humanized secondary use packaging can attract the attention and purchase of many consumers.

In a society where people's material life is improving day by day, the value information of goods is estimated based on packaging, and the classification of male cosmetics and female cosmetics is distinguished. Therefore, the packaging of modern cosmetics is particularly important for products. A good packaging can successfully attract customers' attention, thereby achieving the purpose of merchant sales. The packaging of modern cosmetics is affected by consumers' purchasing motivations and will continue to develop with consumer needs.