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Why choose glass material for cosmetic packaging?

Why choose glass material for cosmetic packaging?

Glass can reduce carbon emissions. It is not only an environmentally friendly container, but also the contents of the container can not be deteriorated, deformed, impermeable and opaque. It is a perfect material container that does not react to any ingredients. With high performance Cosmetics are on the rise and so will the demand for glass containers.

Cosmetics brands are also using glass containers. The glass bottle manufacturer first looks at the general condition of the product when the bottle is released. The cosmetic glass bottle body is deformed: because the bottle entered by the forming mold has not yet been shaped, the temperature of the gob and the infection temperature are too high. Collapse, even if the upper part of the bottle is too heavy. Occasionally, the bottom of the bottle is not cooled to a certain temperature, which will print the lines of the conveyor belt and make the bottom of the bottle uneven.