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Modern women’s consumption factors for cosmetic packaging

Modern women’s consumption factors for cosmetic packaging

Modern women’s consumption factors for cosmetic packaging

Overview of female cosmetics packaging design

The packaging of women's cosmetics has developed with the development of cosmetics. Affected by the characteristics and technologies of cosmetics in different eras, the packaging forms are also different. For example, in ancient Egypt, in addition to wood, cosmetic containers were made of ivory and shells. In ancient China, the vessels for holding cosmetics were collectively called cosmetics. It is generally composed of sub-boxes (or five, seven, or nine), which can hold various cosmetics. The materials also include wood, stone, etc., and the main beautification method is paint. The utensils for holding cosmetics are painted with various exquisite patterns.

During the Han Dynasty, there were many wooden lacquer boxes. In the Tang Dynasty, due to the development of ceramic technology, a large number of white porcelain boxes and two-color boxes containing powder and rouge appeared. In the 16th century AD, prominent European families and dignitaries competed to use cosmetics produced in the East. The box containing perfume is respected as the "aromatic treasure box". As an essential part of the bedroom furnishings, it is even regarded as a symbol of wealth.

After the industrial revolution, the continuous emergence of new technologies not only improved the effectiveness and safety of cosmetics, but also enriched their types. The popularity of cosmetics has also improved its packaging technology. The invention of various materials has greatly developed the functionality and form of women's cosmetics packaging. In particular, the improvement of printing technology has made the patterns on cosmetic packaging containers more refined. The rise of the cosmetics industry has made competition in the cosmetics market more intense. The packaging of cosmetics takes on a greater task, which is to increase competitiveness. During this period, logos appeared, that is, printing a fixed trademark of a company on goods and packaging. This was the prototype of the corporate logo and the sign that brand awareness began to develop. After entering the 20th century, the cosmetics industry developed even more rapidly. Many well-known cosmetics brands were established during this period: Chanell in 1913, Maybelline in 1917, Neutrogena in 1930, Revlon in 1932, Lanco in 1935, Estee Lauder in 1946, Dior in 1946, and Gao Zi in 1948. , Givenchy was founded in 1952, Clarins was founded in 1954, and Shu Uemura was founded in 1956.

Nowadays, women's cosmetics have become a fashionable consumer product. It targets women and has a very large consumption base. The cosmetics industry has been developing rapidly around the world. The rapid development of the industry has inevitably led to fierce competition, and packaging design, as one of the means of competition, has attracted more and more attention.

Women's consumption of cosmetics is mostly emotional consumption. Cosmetics have a long action period, and the short-term effects are not obvious. There is no big difference in functionality between cosmetics of the same type from different brands. Cosmetics are generally in powder or liquid form and have no fixed form. The packaging of cosmetics often represents the form of cosmetics. Women's consumption psychology of cosmetics is closely related to the packaging of cosmetics. These factors and women's own psychological characteristics jointly lead to the characteristics of women's consumption of cosmetics.

Modern women’s consumption factors for cosmetic packaging

(1) Pursue fashion and sense of connection

Women love beauty, pursue fashion trends, and are full of curiosity about novel things. Buying cosmetics is to make yourself more beautiful, and women are also picky about the appearance of cosmetics. The color and shape of cosmetic containers and outer packaging are important factors that women consider when purchasing. Cosmetic packaging with bright colors, beautiful shapes and novel shapes is more attractive to women.

(2) Emotional consumption and irrational consumption

Women's emotions are more delicate than men's. In the process of cosmetics consumption, women's consumption of cosmetics is mostly emotional consumption, and the functional differences between similar cosmetics are small. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, women tend to choose products with a sense of trust, and this sense of trust is deeply affected by brand advertising. The instinctive love generated by cosmetic packaging is also an important reason for women to buy.

(3) Show individuality

Modern women pursue freedom of individuality, especially young women. They always hope to highlight their individuality and attract attention. Therefore, when purchasing cosmetics, they are more fond of new or special products, and the personality of the brand and the style of the packaging are important basis for their choice of cosmetics.

(4) Self-esteem and vanity

Women's self-esteem and vanity make women have higher taste requirements for cosmetics, especially urban women, who have relatively high education and good economic income. When choosing cosmetics, they tend to pursue well-known brands and like to buy high-end cosmetics. Exquisite and unique packaging can quickly enhance the quality of cosmetics and satisfy women's psychological needs.

(5) Economic practicality

Although modern women already have their own social jobs, traditional concepts have not completely disappeared and women still hold important family positions. Therefore, women still need to consider various economic factors when faced with cosmetic packaging.

In short, what cosmetics bring to women is not simply a kind of material consumption. In modern consumer life, cosmetics have become an important spiritual consumer product for women. Women's cosmetics packaging is also a carrier of culture. The symbolism of its symbols constructs the cultural attributes of women's cosmetics packaging. Women's cosmetics packaging embodies the cultural characteristics of women and also shows the cultural characteristics of different societies, countries and nations. In the packaging design process, designers must not only realize the basic functions of the packaging, but also present these expressions and demand information in the packaging design in a good way. To do this, designers must not only have excellent design Technology, but also an in-depth understanding of relevant information, such as women's physiological and psychological characteristics, the company's brand and product features, social and cultural environment, etc. Excellent packaging design of women's cosmetics can not only meet women's consumer needs and the company's sales purposes, but also create a good visual environment and advocate an active and healthy consumer culture and lifestyle.